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Our mission:
a creative
home for all


Developing a strong sense of identity, belonging and connection with our diverse communities


Showcasing Welsh language, creativity and culture

Community engagement

Empowering and enriching our communities, participants and practitioners from Aberystwyth, Mid Wales and beyond


Collaborating with, hosting and presenting regional, national and international artists


Delivering socially and environmentally sustainable practice

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Our values

We are creative, ambitious, collaborative, welcoming, people-centred and socially responsible

We believe in the power of the arts to transform society and to change and enrich lives

We believe in the arts as a social glue for communities, to connect and empower individuals and create a sense of belonging and identity

We believe the arts are for everyone


Over the next four years we have ambitious plans for the development of our building, looking to become the first Carbon Neutral Arts Centre in Wales. The future is what we make it. We have a responsibility to bring people together and take a shared approach to shape it for the better.

David Wilson

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Read more about our aims and ambitions in our Strategic Plan.