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We have 4 dance studios, each with sprung floors, mirrors, and fixed ballet barres. They are suited to all kinds of dance, including tap, ballet, street, and contemporary. Studios 1 and 2 are separated by a partition that can be taken down to form one larger studio, as are studios 3 and 4.

All kit required for dance classes can be purchased directly from our dance shop here at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. For more information about kit, email Annalisa Biagini (

Our two rehearsal rooms are mirrored and contain portable ballet barres. For more information or to hire a rehearsal room, email

The round studio seats around 80 people and is used for productions and showcases. The small space allows for intimate performances for parents of students in our Stage School and Youth Theatre.

The 312-seat auditorium is used for a wide variety of theatre and dance performances, including full-length productions put on by our Stage School and Youth Theatre.

In our Pottery studios we have space for hand building and wheel thrown pottery, as well as an in-house kiln so everything can be fired on site.

Our music room is set up for a band, with some tech and instruments provided. This includes a small mixing desk, drum kit, keyboard, electric guitar, bass guitar, mics, and amps.

All equipment required to process and develop black and white film is provided in our dark room, as well as the support of an experienced photographer.

Units 5 and 6 behind the Arts Centre contain our animation lab, which has an in-studio computer suite fully equipped for digital, as well as materials for traditional hand-drawn animation and crafting character sculptures built from scratch.

The 2D room is used for our art classes and is suitable for all kinds of artistic endeavors, including painting and life drawing

Embrace 2024 and join us at Aberystwyth Arts Centre for unforgettable experiences and new learning adventures. Together, let’s make this year one that will be remembered for creativity, joy, and the magic of the arts! 🌈✨

Spring 2024 Weekly Classes

There are so many classes to choose from! Arts and Crafts, Dance, Music, Theatre and more…
Scroll down to see when classes start and the link to book:

Crochenwaith / Pottery

Crochenwaith i dechreuwyd / Pottery for Beginners 8 Ionawr / January

Crochenwaith i Bawb / Pottery for All 9 Ionawr / January

Crochenwaith – Pob Lefel / Pottery – All Levels 9 Ionawr / January

Adeiladu Llaw gyda Chlai / Hand Building with Clay 10 Ionawr / January

Crochenwaith Dosbarth Uwch / Pottery Advanced Class 11 Ionawr / January

Modelu mewn Clai Oedran 5+ / Clay Modelling Age 5+ – 13 Ionawr / January

Celf / Art

Grŵp Celf a Chyfeillgarwch / Art and Friendship Group 23-2024 Tymor/Term 2 | 9 Ionawr / January
Arbrofi mewn Paentio ac Arlunio / Experimentation in Painting & Drawing 11 Ionawr / January
Clwb Celf 2023-24 11 Ionawr / January

Animeiddio / Animation

Lab Animeiddio / Animation Lab (O dan / Under 12 ) 9 Ionawr / January
Lab Animeiddio / Animation Lab ( 12+ Oed/Yrs ) 9 Ionawr / January

Ffotograffiaeth / Photography

Mynediad agored i’r ystafell dywyll / Open access to the dark room 11 Ionawr / January
Ffotograffiaeth Ddu a Gwyn / Black & White Photography 11 Ionawr / January

Dawns / Dance

RT23 Street 5-7yrs 8 Ionawr / January Street A (8-10yrs) 8 Ionawr / January
RT23 Street C (14yrs+) 8 Ionawr / January
RT23 Street D (16yrs+) 8 Ionawr / January
SC23 Musical Theatre Dance* 8 Ionawr / January
Clocsio i blant gyda Alaw Grwp 1 / Children’s Clogging Group 1 | 9 Ionawr / January
Clocsio i blant gyda Alaw Grwp 2 / Children’s Clogging Group 2 | 9 Ionawr / January
Clocsio i blant gyda Alaw Grwp 3 / Children’s Clogging Group 3 | 9 Ionawr / January
RT23 Street Groovers 3&4yrs 10 Ionawr / January
HG23 Little Beginners Ballet (Age 4+) 10 Ionawr / January
PG23 Adult Ballet 10 Ionawr / January
LB23 Open Ballet Class for ages 5+ | 11 Ionawr / January
LB23 PBT Juniors 11 Ionawr / January
RT23 NEW Mini Movers (2&3yrs) 11 Ionawr / January
EB23 NEW Tiny Tappers & Mini Moderns (Ages 4&5) 11 Ionawr / January
LB23 PBT Seniors 12 Ionawr / January
LB23 NEW Little Beginners Ballet (Age 2.5 +) 12 Ionawr / January
HG23 Little Beginners Ballet (Age 2+) 12 Ionawr / January
HG23 Ballet Babies & Me (Ages 18m+) 12 Ionawr / January
NB23 Acro for 2-3yrs 12 Ionawr / January
NB23 Acro for 4-6yrs 12 Ionawr / January
NB23 Acro for 7-9yrs 12 Ionawr / January
NB23 Acro for 10yrs+ 12 Ionawr / January
HG23 Adult Ballet 12 Ionawr / January
SC23 Dinky Dancers (18m+) 13 Ionawr / January
SC23 Dinky Dancers+ (2.5yrs+) 13 Ionawr / January
SC23 Adult Tap 15 Ionawr / January
Latin American & Ballroom (Beginners) 23 Ionawr / January


Yoga Amser Cinio efo Rosa / Lunchtime Yoga with Rosa 9 Ionawr / January

Cerddoriaeth / Music

Iwcadwli i Blant 8 Ionawr / January
Iwcadwli i Bawb 8 Ionawr / January
Iwcadwli i Ddechreuwyr 8 Ionawr / January

Theatr / Theatre

Theatr Ieuenctid Ifanc / Lower Youth Theatre 6 Ionawr / January
Theatr Ieuenctid Ifanc /Lower Youth Theatre 6 Ionawr / January
SC23 Musical Theatre Dance* 8 Ionawr / January
Sêr Bach/Stage School Little Stars 11 Ionawr / January
Stage School Preludes 11 Ionawr / January

Creativity is contagious. The more you learn and try new things, the more you’ll grow as a creative person.  So we bring together people who are creative, support your ideas and find opportunities to showcase your talents.

Amanda Trubshaw
Head of Creative Learning

Schools & Colleges

We run lots of activities for schools and colleges, including creative workshops in music, dance, drama, art, pottery and creative writing. All designed to enrich your teaching. Workshops can take place here at the Arts Centre or we can come to you. 

To discuss opportunities, get in touch with Laura Oliver